Nine Incredible Months

I spent nine months in Cork, nine incredible months. UCC campus is fantastic, like an American campus; big, green, with a lot of activities, concerts, meetings, charities, balls, partiesā€¦, a real campus spirit with societies and clubs that you can join. I personally join the tennis club. I went in Galway for a competition with them and have so much fun! There is a huge sportive centre with every sports you want whether you are a beginner or an advanced sportive.

As to the lectures, teachers are very approachable here when you need them; there is a much closer relationship between students and teacher than in France. They really want to help you succeed and feel good about yourself.

Cork itself is a very nice city, quite small but you have everything you need and the night life is really good, with a lot of Irish pubs, and night clubs. The only drawback is that it closes at 2am! The city is very charming; everything can be done by foot which is very nice. It is a very safe city with a very young population and very nice people, which makes you feel at home!

Ireland in general is an amazing country. I had the chance to come back in January with a car, and the second semester we traveled around the country and the landscape, the discovery of Irish people were extraordinary. Indeed Irish people are so nice, always smiling and happy, very welcoming and warming everywhere you go and always so helpful which is important when you arrived in a new city.

During this year I met a lot of other Erasmus people from all around Europe, but also American and Chinese. I find it so enriching to share this year with them, learn to know their cultureā€¦

To conclude it was a year of opening, of discovering Irish culture and European one. I really enjoyed Ireland and Cork thanks to its nice people, its joyful atmosphere and its incredible landscapes!


Flavie Labouche, Diploma in Common Law, 2010-2011

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