Algarve – Day 2

The latest news from the BEES Field Course in the Algarve, by Vanessa Mazza:

After waking up from a 11 hour sleep, we spent our day in the sun on the Salgados sand dunes from  9am until 2pm. It wasn’t the first time for our professors to be spending the day on the sand dunes but was a first for habitat mapping which was led by Dr Fidelma Butler.

We were split into 6 groups and I was lucky to be in Dr  Butler’s group with all girls as my group members, which made things interesting at times.

We started out by observing a fixed area behind the sand dunes from an upper view point and worked our way around the border lines observing and noting the different habitats.The fieldwork really gave us a taste of what it would be like to work for organisations involved in habitat conservation.

It was a long walk, covering an area of 16.5 km2, with the weather resembling a warm, sunny Irish day one minute, shade the next and then back to sunshine. Our day ended with a refreshing dip in the hotel pool folllowed by a syntheis session and time spent writing up our reports for the day.

More updates tomorrow!

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  1. Eileen Crowley says:

    Dear Vanessa,
    Thanks for the insight. It sounds like you are all having a great time.
    The picture on the steps is just brilliant! You all look happy – great memories to have.
    Regards from an overcast Cork.

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