Algarve -Day 3

BEES students and staff hard at work in the Algarve

Here’s Heather Lane’s entertaining account of the most recent activity on the Practical Field Ecology field trip to Portugal:

We were back in the Salgados dunes today studying vegetation zonation and  behaviour in wetland birds.  With the aid of our two amazing Dutch botanists we drew up less than random quadrats.

Professor Matty Schouten and Dr Monique Nooren, called our team over generous, but others were labelled as mean. This had nothing to do with our monetary generosity but instead to do with how big a quadrat we were willing to create and sample!

Some people got ridiculously excited by pretty plants, and others by vagrant passing insects; you can always tell who are the over-zealous zoologists and botanists in the group!

The sun was trying to bake us as dry as the Salgados soil and many different shades of red and pink skin were seen.  My particular favourite were Rudolf the Red nose reindeer and the Rednecks, along with the infamous ‘paishty’ Irish farmer tan 🙂

Both zealous zoologists and hardcore botanists were excited to see a a Booted eagle dive on a hare near the lagoon.  But the 2nd group just went wild when the same hare (or perhaps it was a vengeful relative?) set a pitfall trap for the same eagle and successfully caught it – or maybe the sun was getting to us by then!

More from the Algarve soon!

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