More on BEES Jellyfish Research

Photographic time series of gill lesions in fish exposed to Aurelia aurita under experimental challenge (Baxter et al., 2011)

Congratulations to Emily Baxter who has just had her recent experimental work on the effects of the common jellyfish Aurelia aurita on Atlantic Salmon published in PLos One (impact factor 4.4).

Emily conducted this work in the AFDC experimental tanks in the Cooperage and other contributors to the work included Mike Sturt, Luke Harman, Rob McAllen (All BEES), Tom Doyle (CMRC), Neil Ruane (Marine Institute) and Hamish Rodger (Vet-Aqua International).

The research was published in a paper entitled Gill Damage to Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Caused by the Common Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) under Experimental Challenge.

The research demonstrates that common jellyfish can cause severe gill problems in marine-farmed fish. “With aquaculture predicted to expand worldwide and evidence suggesting that jellyfish populations are increasing in some areas, this threat to aquaculture is of rising concern as significant losses due to jellyfish could be expected to increase in the future”.

You can access the research findings here.

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