BEES nurtures international research links

Prof. Gavin Burnell, School of BEES is currently in Shanghai, from where he sends this update:

I’ve included a picture taken at breakfast with the President of Shanghai Ocean University on Tuesday, April 19th.  Left to right in the picture are:  The Dean of Science, myself, President Pan Ying Jie and Professor Cheng Yongxu.  The President is very keen to see a small number of Chinese students exchange with UCC to “test the water”.  I hope to be meeting with their Dean of International Affairs on Thursday morning to explore the possible areas for collaboration and exchange.  The main emphasis for my visit was to give a series of lectures to Professor Cheng’s first year MSc Aquaculture students on the theme of “An ecosystem approach to aquaculture and fisheries management”.  There is a keen interest in “green and sustainable” industry in China at the moment and the message seemed to go down well.

The weather is cool but sunny at the moment and I am told that it will not rain.  That’s just as well since there are long distances to walk on this campus which is, I am told, the size of Monaco!!  Tomorrow is the start of the 9th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference and I will be presenting a paper in the afternoon on “A community based scallop restoration project in Co. Kerry, Ireland.  This is work that has arisen from our Marine Institute Beaufort project “An ecosystem approach to fisheries management”.

It has been a fantastic trip but I must say it will be good to get back to a real cup of coffee again.

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