VENTuRE Cruise – Update No.2: Sea Sickness

View from the RV Celtic Explorer

I spoke too soon when I told you that nothing could dampen our spirits in the last update. I have 2 words for you… Sea Sickness.

After passing through a relatively large swell over the past 2 days (average 7m last night, maximum of 10m), the ship, its crew and the scientists have been thrown around like a used rag. Sea sickness tablets appear to have little or no effect. The overall mood had been brought down a notch.

However, some enthusiasts kept the science at the forefront of people’s minds. This includes Dr. Bram Murton (NOC UK) and Dr. John Copley (NOC UK) as they delivered lectures on the Geology and Biogeography of the Vent site 45° N over the past 2 days. These guys really know their stuff, and they only barely scratched the surface of their wealth of knowledge in their lectures.

Despite the sea sickness, I took in as much information as I could- as this is a privilege, if anything, for any undergrad to be in this position.

About another 3 day until we arrive at the vent site due to our set-backs, where the weather will be much calmer (I hope). But until then, more lectures will be given including one from Dr. Jen’s Carlson (UCC/Dukes University, USA).

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The Research Team are also maintaining a blog at

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