Impact of climate change on fishes of British Isles – an emerging research front

Implications of climate change for the fishes of the British Isles - an Emerging Research Front paper

A paper written by BEES postdoctoral researcher Conor Graham with Dr Chris Harrod of Queens University Belfast has been selected by Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch® as a featured Emerging Research Front paper. 

The article (“Implications of climate change for the fishes of the British Isles” J. Fish Biol. 74[6]: 1143-1205, April 2009), has been selected by Essential Science IndicatorsSM  from Thomson Reuters as the most-cited paper in a highlighted research area of Plant & Animal Science.

Conor carried out this review of the impacts of climate change on marine, estuarine, freshwater and anadromous fishes whilst working at the Max Planck Institute for Limnology in Ploen, Germany immediately prior to commencing his PhD studies here in Cork.  Since the publication of this review in April 2009, this article has been cited on 34 occasions and was the most cited paper in 2010 in the Journal of Fish Biology of those published in 2008-2009.

This publication was largely responsible for Conor recently receiving an invitation to join the EU Cost Action (FA 1004) on the Conservation Physiology of Marine Fishes.

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