New Lough Hyne Web Pages

Jack Kitching (Diving) and Jock Sloane collecting samples from near the Rapids.

Thirty years after becoming Europe’s first Marine Nature Reserve and over 100 years since scientific research first began at Lough Hyne, research there is still flourishing.

The new year has seen new webpages for Lough Hyne being established as part of the School of BEES website. The pages contain information on current research at the Lough; a history of Lough Hyne’s place in scientific research; and an overview of BEES’ facilities at the legendary research base.

You can visit the new webpages here.

Some interesting facts about Lough Hyne:

  • Designated first Marine Nature Reserve in Europe in 1981.
  • Deepest part of the lough is 52 metres.
  • First recorded study at the Lough was in 1886.
  • BEES run three research labs at Lough Hyne – Renouf, Kitching and Bohane.
  • €55,000 was spent in 2006 to restore the Rapids wall built originally in 1852.


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