“It has been a great week” – TY2012

Research at Cork LoughThe School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences has only finished its first Transition Year Programme but from how the week turned out, you’d think they’d been doing it for years.

by Pierce Ryan, Schull Community College

From the very start it was an interesting and well varied week, with lectures from professors of Geology to Palaeontology; from Plant Science to Zoology. There was a wide range of activities outside the School as well, and we were brought on a tour of the main campus as well as the Boole Library.

The Programme also reached outside of its mainly biological focus to include a visit to the Eureka Centre for a physics lecture that was highly involving and never boring. The week wasn’t all lectures; there were practical aspects every day such as making high-grade compost, imprisoning wood lice with leaves and looking at genetically modified cells with microscopes.

I found the TY Programme a very good way of learning about the wide range of scientific application going on in the world, such as creating thunderstorms over deserts and ensuring there is enough food for the future. I enjoyed learning about all the scientific fields available at BEES and about all the diverse areas you can study beginning from general degrees.

I was never bored throughout the Programme and I hope that BEES will continue offering this opportunity to students.  and I reckon it’s going to continue just as well; we’re going to spend the afternoon with another practical down at the Lough!

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