“A sense of energy and drive for learning” -TY2012

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney visits BEES, July 2011The week so far has been a fabulous experience. I say so far because we still have our last day to go and none of us in the programme want the programme and experience to end!

writes Clare Keaveney-Jiménez, Scoil Mhuire, Cork.

The week began with a talk from the Head of School Professor John O’Halloran who got us all thinking as potential ecologists, geologists, marine scientists and environmental scientists (to mention but a few).

Our supervisor for the week Grace Cott gave us a tour of BEES and we got to see the labs and facilities at the Cooperage. Later that day we were given a great Geology/Geosciences lecture by Dr Andy Wheeler which was followed by sitting in with current students in a Geology Fossil practical class. This was excellent because as well as learning about all the fossils and drawing sketches we got a chance to experience the setting of a practical and talk to the current students about the courses and college life here at UCC.

The week continued with more inspiring lectures on ecology, zoology and plant science. We also went on a walk to see and take a closer look at the environment we find ourselves in. Wednesday saw us in the Eureka Centre where we took part in demonstrations and were given an extremely informative exciting lecture by Noel Brett.

The careers talk on Thursday morning was very helpful as we looked at the many job opportunities after studying the courses at BEES.

[pullquote]It was fantastic! Everywhere we went there was a sense of energy and drive for learning.[/pullquote]Throughout the week I really felt like all the lectures were truly interested in sharing their abundance of knowledge and information on the work they were doing with us. It was fantastic! Everywhere we went there was a sense of energy and drive for learning. It was so clear that each lecturer was so passionate about their subject or area of research. Their passion and desire for more knowledge was infectious and sparked my curiosity in new areas I was not fully aware of before.

I would like to say thank you to the School of BEES, to all the lecturers and students who made it such a wonderful experience, and in particular to Grace Cott our supervisor and organiser of the programme for organising an unforgettable eye-opening experience.


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