“An enriching experience” – TY2012

A week spent in the School of BEES has been an enriching experience.

by Adam Tobin, St. John’s College, Cork

It has given me the chance to get far more of an insight into the issues and topics you could be dealing with if you were to choose a career in environmental science. Not to mention the information you receive on each discipline, which can go a long way to helping anyone make up their mind as to what they would like to do.

All the lecturers and staff members seamed very approachable and interested in any questions and query’s that came about. The week itself was composed of practicals and lectures and was split up very nicely. We touched on many topics in the related areas such as the GM debate in the plant science lecture, conservation and biodiversity in the ecology lecture.

In one of the practicals we were taken out around the surrounding area and got a chance to view some of the wildlife, an eye opener into how much diversity can be in such a small area.

As part of the week we were given a tour of the college and told about the history attached, being taken to some of the more hidden places that not many people get a chance to see.

Over all the week was a very good experience and helped me a lot, giving me a good idea into how the college works and what third level is like.

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