Transition Year Work Experience in BEES – TY2012

Jack Butler, Clonakilty Community College describes his week at BEES and getting to see a priceless Darwin first edition!

For our first day of work experience we began the day with a tour of  BEES  given to us by Grace Cott, which went from ten o clock to lunch at twelve. After lunch we went for a geology lecture for an hour. Then we sat in with a group of second year students for a practical on fossils.

We began our second day with an Ecology/ Zoology lecture and practical in the cooperage. Then we went bird watching around the BEES centre until lunch. After lunch we went for a plant science lecture and practical which was very interesting.

On Wednesday we went to the Eureka centre in the Kane building from half ten until half past twelve. We had the option of taking a half day but some students decided to stay for a postgrad demonstration in the glasshouses.

we got to see a first edition copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of species

Thursday we got a careers talk in the BEES centre for an hour. Once finished we went to the main campus for a tour of the library, in which time we got to see a first edition copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of species. The day concluded with a general tour of the campus seeing all of the historic sites.

Friday, our last day, began with a  lecture on Science and Media followed by a practical, in which time I wrote this summary, and then lunch. After lunch we will be going to the Kane building on campus to sit in with a group of first year students for a lecture. After which we will be going to the lough for an environmental science practical followed by a lecture on the main campus.

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