“We were shown many amazing things” -TY2012

From Monday the 30th of January to Friday the 3rd of February UCC brought twelve transition year students into the School of BEES for work experience and to show them around. I was lucky enough to be one of the twelve

writes Ian Dunne, Ballincollig Community School.

During the week we have had tours of the main campus and of BEES. Within the tours we were shown many amazing things and many places within the school that would make me want to return and study here.

We were shown several different courses such as Ecology, Zoology, Botany, Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Geology and a small amount on Ornithology. If I were to pick a favourite it would be the Environmental Science but only by just a small amount as all courses were extremely interesting. Unfortunately, I wasn’t into Geology  as I was never into rocks, even though I found out that there is lots more about Geology than that!

On Thursday we went to the Main Campus and got a tour of the History of UCC and everything that was said really interested me. We were shown the first library and the Crawford Observatory and other interesting places within the Campus. We were also shown the new library and were given a tour of it.

I was actually surprised that there was a Library somewhere that I wouldn’t actually mind staying in for a while

I was actually surprised that there was a Library somewhere that I wouldn’t actually mind staying in for a while. The size of the Library was really impressive and everything that went along with keeping it in good condition and how the books were sorted. We were shown Darwin’s first edition of Origin of Species which I found extraordinarily interesting. We were also shown the book sorter and the child within me was made extremely happy by such a simple but great machine (if it can be called that).

I would like to really thank Grace (who was in charge of us and who showed us where to go and such) for everything that she had down for us and for somehow putting up with is. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer guide and I am extremely grateful for being able to attend this experience and I won’t forget it for many years.

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