MSc Trip to Millport

Students on the MSc Marine Biology course travelled to the Marine Biological Station at Millport, Scotland recently. Here’s their report:

The trip started off on Sunday morning at Cork airport with certain individuals, not naming names (Elizabeth Dwyer!) looking like they had/were still having an enjoyable weekend.  Once we arrived in Glasgow airport, Siobhan made sure to put her watch an hour forward for the time difference between Ireland and the UK!

We arrived at the University Marine Biological Station at Millport that afternoon and got settled in, followed by a tour of the island by our English bus driver Rob McAllen!

The following Monday morning everyone was up bright and early and it was straight to the rocky shore to start our periwinkle abundance and population survey (or barnacle in Maeve’s case).  That afternoon Group 1 boarded the research vessel Aora to do a beam trawl and a number of sediment grabs, whilst group 2 spent the afternoon sorting through the trawl caught on the previous morning.

Once all the benthic sampling data was collected everyone went into overdrive and the computer lab became a production line with everyone doing their bits and pieces. Ash kept an eye out on facebook as well!

On Wednesday a group of over 40 Danish students arrived at the research station. Nearly every one of them smoked and as a result we were all nearly developing smokers cough by just being within a few feet of them! By Thursday afternoon we had handed up our benthic report and it was straight to the pub that evening!

Siobhan and Eimear were playing pool but ended up deciding that they were better at drawing on people with the cue chalk than actually potting balls and the rest of the group sampled a diverse cross section of local (and not so local!!) beverages. Before we knew it we were back on the plane flying towards sunny Cork!

The three key things we took from the trip were a) Joe is always late for everything! b) Joe loves his pastries and 3) how to run and organise our own fieldtrip.

Big thanks to Rob and Ruth for an enjoyable and educational trip.

Msc Class of 2012

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