BEES Seminars 2012-2013: All Welcome

Below is a timetable for the 2012-2013 seminar series. All are welcome to the seminars which take place in the Jackson Lab, Second Floor of the Butler Building at the School of BEES. Check posters and BEES Facebook or Twitter in case of venue change. The series is coordinated by Dr. John Quinn. Email John at for more information.


Date Time Seminar Details
12 Oct 4pm Friday An ecological characterisation of saltmarshes on peat substrate on the southwest coast of Ireland.

Dr. Grace Cott, UCC

18 Oct  5pm Thursday Pangaean Rifting: onset of Triassic sedimentation in Nova Scotia, E. Canada.

Professor Brian Williams, Aberdeen University

 26 Oct  4pm Friday Hen Harriers and land use changes in Ireland.

Dr. Mark Wilson, UCC

 31 Oct  4pm Wednesday Irish Mineralization and the TELLUS data.

Dr. Garth Earls, former director of the Geological Survey of N. Ireland

 9 Nov  4pm Friday The evolutionary ecology of cognition.

Dr. Ella Cole, University of Oxford

 22 Nov  5pm Thursday The ophiolite enigma resolved.

Professor John Dewey, Univeristy College Oxford

 23 Nov  4pm Friday Collective dispersal effects on neutral population genetics in marine invertebrates.

Dr. Jon Yearsley, UCD

 6 Dec  5pm Thursday Biominerals.

Dr. Adrian Finch, University of St. Andrews

 7 Dec  4pm Friday Reconstructing the Hg contamination in Lake Geneva from the sediment record.

Dr. Jean-Luc Loizeau, University of Geneva

 11 Jan 2013  4pm Friday Beacons, decoys and stealth foraging: Echoacoustic communication between bats, moths and flowers.

Dr. Marc Holderied, University of Bristol

 24 Jan  4pm Thursday Systems in sedimentary basins (A-Z): From intra-basaltic plays, igneous compartmentalization to salt!

Dr. Nick Schofield, University of Birmingham

 25 Jan  4pm Friday Different approaches to estimating cetacean population size.

Dr. Emer Rogan, UCC

 30 Jan  4pm Wednesday Mopping up the turbidite mess – again.

Dr. Peter Haughton, UCD

 7 Feb  4pm Thursday Lateral magma flow in the upper crust: towards a paradigm shift in understanding volcano evolution?

Dr. Craig Magee, Imperial College London

 8 Feb  4pm Friday Bioprospecting in the Andean Highlands: a non GM approach to the control of potato blight for a low-input sustainable agricultural system.

Dr. Barbara Doyle-Prestwich

 22 Feb  4pm Friday Targeting conservation action using trait-based frameworks.

Dr. Simon Butler, University of East Anglia

 8 March  4pm Friday Irish deer populations: the last 14,000 years

Dr. Ruth Carden, UCC

 22 March  4pm Friday Why are populations of our migrant birds that winter in West Africa declining?

Dr. Will Cresswell, University of St. Andrews

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