TY2013: Structured Transition Year Programme at BEES

The week at the school BEES in UCC proved to be an extremely interesting and enjoyable experience, writes Niamh Hogan from Coláiste Choilm, Ballincollig.

Fourteen students were chosen to attend this week of work experience in teh School of BEES. Throughout the week we were given talks and had practicals in the various fields throughout the school.

On Monday we were given a talk and practical on geology and its contributions to the modern world we know today. On Tuesday we were taught about sea urchins and undertook an experiment to observe their interesting behaviour in the environment.

Later on we had a talk about plant science and how plants have a huge significance in our daily lives. We also learnt about genetically modified plants (GM) and how scientists undertake the process of genetically modifying these plants.

we worked alongside post graduate students to see the research that they do

On Wednesday, we had a tour of the library and whole campus of the UCC grounds. We were then split into groups to do practical work in different areas of plant science where we worked alongside post graduate students to see the research that they do.

Thursday was the most enjoyable day during the week. We first had an interactive careers talk where we were put in groups and set the task of researching a certain topic and figure out the answers to a given work sheet and then design a poster. Later on in the day we went onto main campus to the Eureka Centre where we did experiments and learnt about various areas of chemistry. This was the most enjoyable and interesting talk and practical.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this week and the benefits it has given me.

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