TY2013: “I thought that this would be a tedious lecture and was proven wrong almost immediately”

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at BEES because a wide range of subjects were covered and the week really got me thinking, writes Cian Holland of Coláiste Daibhéid, Cork.

My interests have expanded greatly because of this and I found that several subjects that I found “boring” in the past are a lot more interesting now that I have learned more about them.

The course was arranged in such a way that one field was covered each day e.g. Geology on Monday. I found all the subjects covered both interesting and informative. Truth be told, it’s all been fun up until I had to write this essay! Jokes aside, the course was well put together and covered a broad spectrum of interesting sciences.

To provide a full list of subjects covered we received lectures in geology, ecology, plant science, chemistry and the relationship between science and the media. We also did practicals in geology, plant science and chemistry. We also helped several people with their practical work on their postgrad research.

I found myself fascinated

I was extremely surprised by the lecture and practical for plant science, which I found fascinating. While I originally thought that the study of plants would be extremely boring and tedious I found myself fascinated and I will most definitely be doing more research into this area.

Another thing that surprised me was the lecture provided on the subject of bird watching. Once again I thought that this would be a tedious lecture and was proven wrong almost immediately.

In conclusion, my time at BEES was well spent and very rewarding. I give my thanks to those who organised the course for this wonderful experience.

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