TY2013: “I’ve had a great time”

After a week at this department I can safely say that I have had a great time and that I would really recommend it to anyone looking for work experience. While I was here I got to experience a broad range of courses, writes Ben Hales of Midleton College

On the first day we had a speech about geology. The lecturer was Prof. Andy Wheeler, a person who had previously researched the mid-Atlantic ridge with a submarine. He talked about how geologists can tell the history of the planet and certain events by looking at the layers of rock. He talked about how without geologists modern life could not exist, as they use their skills to find oil and water buried under the surface.

As I have a keen interest in birds and geology I found those parts of the week the most interesting. We were going to have a bird watching session on Tuesday but the weather was too bad so we had a lecture inside the Enterprise Centre instead. Dr. John Quinn talked to us about how diverse the range of birds we have on our planet and he also talked about the way different birds act, he kept the speech interesting by showing us videos of birds such as the peregrine falcon and the lyrebird.

we got a tour of the Boole Library…and saw Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species

Wednesday was one of my favourite days as we got a tour of the Boole Library, we got to see a part of the library that not a lot of people get to see, a part that stores old books such as Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species and one other book that was over 500 years old.

After the tour of the library we got a tour of the campus and we first went to the old President’s house which also contained the library and many other rooms.

On Thursday we had an interactive careers talk where we were designing posters and researching different career areas and answering questions on the area of research. Later that day we went to the Eureka Centre where we had a fun science session.

Overall I have had a great time and I have learned a lot about this area and I might pursue a career in this area in the future.

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