Algarve Field Course (Part 4)

DSC_0119Rebecca Prangnell writes from Portugal. You can catch up with the earlier installements of this series here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

We started the group projects on Sunday and myself and 11 others were in Ruth Ramsay and Emer Rogan’s group studying marine sediment and fouling. We split into four different groups to study the different substrates – rock, concrete and filings.

Three of us studied the concrete slip-way. The biomass here was not as great here as it was in other areas but there was a good few Balanus sp. and M. galloprovinialis. A few crabs were spotted as well and we even saved one from a fishing net and returned it back to the sea.

Of course one of us was bound to slip and fall on the algae and it was me, much to the amusement of the local fishermen.


Unfortunately for the two groups surveying the rocks there were three grey water outlets surrounded by the rock and a number of very old looking dead fish. They somehow managed to tolerate it and get the results taken down without ruining their shoes too much.

The last 3 then where looking at the pilings, they had a bit of wading to do and there was some confusion as to how many quadrants needed to be counted so they were more thorough than the rest of us.

Overall it was a lovely sunny day and we had the afternoon free then to spend by the pool!


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