TY2014: “a great experience”

Michaela Wassell, Rockwell College, Cashel, Tipperary.

Eureka centreWEB.The week was a great experience to get, overall it was a very informative and fun course. It was great that during the course of the week we got a tour of the campus and got an insight as to how things work here at BEES and UCC.

The practicals were great fun as we got to experience coming into contact with sea urchins (which is not an everyday occurrence). We also listened to a couple of lectures, which really opened my eyes as to what the different courses and jobs involved.  We also sat into a second year palaeontology class, so we got to see what the atmosphere is like in lectures in college.

My favourite part of the week was the practical work, such as the bird ringing. But also the lecture on plant science was very interesting and mind opening.

During the week, we went to the main UCC campus to see the EUREKA Centre, here we did a blood test to determine what blood type they were (using fake blood). This was very interesting and also we went into the microbiology lab and grew fungus in petri dishes. The people and staff here were all so friendly and helpful, even when we were late due to traffic and everyone had left without us!

I’m very happy I came to the BEES even though  it was a long journey to make twice a day but I would love to do something like this again because it gave me a much better idea of what I want to study in the future.

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