TY2014: “We studied such a wide range of interesting topics”

Hannah Kelleher, Christ King Secondary School, Cork.


When I first started this week I really had no idea what it would be like. I didn’t think I would enjoy it at all as much as I have. We studied such a wide range of interesting topics under biology that are so diverse and have so many different applications towards other subjects and courses.

We began the week with different lectures and practicals on geology and plant science, which at first I  wasn’t too keen on but I then realised how important the study of these subjects are in order to further understand the world.

In plant science we learned of the ethical implications of GMOs and whether they would or not be of benefit to society. I found this topic to be of particular interest because it’s incredible how a scientist can essentially alter any organism in any shape or form by simply extracting and adding genes. For example, taking a gene from an arctic fish and adding it to a tomato will ensure that the fruit will not rot for an extremely long amount of time.

We did a lot of study about ecology and zoology which I really liked because of my particular interest in animals. We were shown a lot of different animals that have been preserved including birds, foxes, apes, lizards, as well as a two headed kitten and a three legged chicken! We were also shown bird ringing and radio tracking by means of capturing/recapturing and tagging small animals to investigate their travel patterns.

Overall, I think this my week have been very enjoyable and has opened my mind to the different subject possibilities of biology.

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