TY2014: We Aren’t Trying To Destroy The World, Promise!


Hannah Plover- Coláiste Muire, Crosshaven

So today during a media and science lecture we were given the arduous task of writing a small blog about our experience here at BEES. So I will apologise in a advance for what will probably be a boring and shoddy account of my time here that will in no way represent the great time that I had. You are about to find out why I prefer science to literature.

One thing I would like to point out before I get started is that I don’t think that science is perceived in a very good light. From today’s lecture I managed to catch a glimpse of what some people seem to think of science. I’m afraid it doesn’t look good people; apparently we are considered nothing more than mad scientists who have too much power and are attempting the very things that God wouldn’t. I can promise you that in this fantastic week I was not given a crash course on how to destroy the world (that’s next week).

So I would like to set the record straight and give you an insight into my week here. It won’t be long as I am nearing the 250 word mark, woops. So instead of giving you a day by day account I will just point out some of the more exciting parts for me.

One of my most memorable parts was not a practical it was in fact a lecture from Prof. Peter Jones. Not only was the content of the class interesting but the energy and pure tangible happiness of the professor as he explained his field was infectious. It was great to see that the people here are not doing the job for money or because they think that they have to but they are here because they are to quote “getting paid to do a hobby”. It was great learning about how plants are more fantastic than we really give them credit for. I learned that the Venus Fly Trap can actually count better than my brother!

So that was one of my highlights of my week. The bird ringing was also excellent even though I’m still attempting to defrost my toes from standing out in the cold for an hour. We successfully tagged 8 birds and learned the fairly cool skill of how to hypnotise a bird. It was great to do something hands on and goes to show that not everything is just people droning on and on about a particular subject (no that wasn’t aimed at my teachers back in school).

One worded things I enjoyed to finish off was nearly losing expensive tracking equipment, Urchy the sea archin, the eureka centre, growing our own fungus and most of all getting to talk to like-minded individuals…although it was mostly nerdy fangirling about bands, books  and anime. All you people are weird and wonderful thanks for such a great experience!


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