TY2014: BEES transition year programme

Long-tailed Tit

Eilis Kinsella, Christ king secondary school, Cork.

The thing I enjoyed most in my week in UCC was going up to the main UCC campus. We were shown around the library by the librarian and she showed us all the different facilities available to the students. There are over a million books in the library to choose from. There are computers all around the library where you can work or take a break. Also there are rooms where you can go to work on a group project or to chat while you work without disturbing other student who are using the library.

We visited the Crawford Observatory to see the telescope. Our guide showed us how the roof opens and how the roof rotates. We also saw the ogham stones and we got the history of the quad. In the UCC chapel, our guide explained the history of the mosaic on the ground and also the stain glass windows.

We also had fun bird ringing during the week: I particularly enjoyed the bird ringing on Tuesday. We went out on the grounds of the BEES campus and we checked the nets that were set up to catch the birds. We caught four birds and our guide Barry ringed each one. He explained how the birds live and all about ringing the birds. I took an interest in zoology throughout the week, I found it interesting and I might look further into a course in zoology.

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