TY2014: A packed week!

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Dara O’Connor – Coláiste Choilm, Cork.

On Monday we started the course in the Ted Neville laboratory where we received an introduction from Professor John O’Halloran. Then we had to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class. Then we had a tour of BEES from Dr Grace Cott.

The school of BEES is an interesting place. After a break we went to the Butler Building and got a geology/geosciences lecture from Professor Andy Wheeler. Then we went to the Cooperage and did a Terrestrial Ecology practical with Dr Simon Harrison. We looked at animals under a microscope from pitfall traps. Finally we did a geology practical with Dr Maria McNamara in the Ted Neville lab. We identified how fossilised creatures lived.

On Tuesday we received a zoology/ecology lecture from Professor Gavin Burnell. The practical was based on sea urchins. Then we were taken outside to the distillery fields where we went bird ringing with Dr John Quinn and Barry O’Mahony. That was fun! After break we had a plant science lecture with Professor Peter Jones. I am slightly more interested in plants now. Finally we did a plant science practical with Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich where we looked at plants through a microscope.

On Wednesday we started off with radio tracking with Dr Amy Haigh. She told us how to radio track animals. Then we had a tour of Boole Library. The tour guide was Anne Byrne. Boole library is huge and I felt privileged to see the special collection. After break we did practical work on soil and fungi with Ben Philip and Tara Duggan. Finally we went back up to the campus to have a tour of the campus with JP Quinn. I learned a lot about the history of UCC there.

On Thursday we went to the Kane Building to do some practical work and learned about physiology. After break we had an interactive careers talk where we had to do a project based on a part of Biological, Earth, and Environmental Science. My group did a project on earth science. We had to present the project to the class.

On Friday we started off with a media and science practical in the Butler Building where Eoin Lettice told us about the relationship between science and the media and the debate about genetically modified food.

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