TY2014: The B.E.E.S knees

Rory Cremin, C.B.C. Cork


During the TY2014 week we did many different things. At the start of the week they gave an overview talk of what biological, earth and environmental sciences is. We were split up into 2 groups, about 15 in each group.

On Monday we got a tour around the site. We were showed the glass houses. Right next to the glass houses were 2 ponds both filled with fish. The one on the left had male fish and the one on the right had female fish. We were then brought down the bridge building where they had fossils and many other types of animals to show.

On Tuesday the highlight of the day was about birds. We first got a half an hour prep talk about birds and the history of the flight paths and if they had any. People were curious before they knew about birds if they had any. They were asking questions like do birds hibernate, where they go at winter. We then went and caught some birds and put trackers on them.

The next day we went on campus and got a tour. We were brought to the library were we were shown and told all about the books of hundreds of years ago. We then were shown another part of the library and were students study. Later that day we did an experiment on sea urchins. We all put cotton and sea weed. Half of the group put plastic bags on top of the tanks of water where the sea urchins were. The experiment was designed to see if the sea urchins would prefer sea weed or cotton. Sea urchins,we learned, eat sea weed. We then came back on Friday to see what the sea urchins had chosen.

On Thursday we went back up to campus and went to the Eureka Centre. We did experiments, like placing a candle on water and placing a beaker on top of it. Eventually the candle would go out and the level of the water would rise filling in the amount of oxygen taken in by the candle. This experiment was to test if oxygen is necessary for combustion.

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