TY2014: Getting to know BEES

Alan Butler, Mount St. Michael

Growth roomWEB

I recently spent a week attending a science course at UCC in the School of BEES. It has been a very interesting and insightful week into the work in the different areas of the school.  Over the week they have shown us the different disciplines and what everyone is involved in.

They let us participate in a second year geology practical so we could see the work we could be doing if we attended one of the many different degree courses that are available here. We also got to meet the different lecturers that worked here and what research they are involved in.

The week also showed me what life at university is like

The week also showed me what life at university is like. The many different buildings and how things work in the university. It also let me see how the campus is laid out and what the lecture halls look like. I got to talk to some of the students and ask them about life on campus and what the different degree courses were like. I also learned how the atmosphere at university is different to the one I am used to at secondary school. It invites you to ask questions and to also do your own work and not to piggy back on your teacher’s work at school.

Over all I found that the week at UCC was very enjoyable as I got to meet new people who had the same interests as me and I learned a lot about the university.

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