TY2014: Life at BEES

Sarah Lee, St. Angela’s College, Cork.

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My name is Sarah Lee and I and three other girls from St. Angela’s College Cork, took part in BEES TY2014 programme. We took part from Monday the 27th of January to Friday the 31st of January. When we went down to the BEES campus we all had to wait in the café for Grace to come and get us.  We got information packages and name tags for the first day and then we got a small lecture on what the School of BEES  has to provide for a student attending. The first day wasn’t very exciting as we didn’t know many people there but as the week progressed we all got to know each other and make friends.

On Tuesday we went bird ringing which I really didn’t enjoy as I really dislike birds and I am afraid of them, but when we did a practical with the sea urchins I found that enjoyable even though I had no idea what they were.

When we got the tour of the UCC campus on the Wednesday which I found it to be very interesting to learn how many superstitions and mottos the university has. I really enjoyed the tour of the main campus a lot but the tour of the library I found kind of boring as I’m not very interested in books.

Thursday was the best day of the whole experience

Thursday the 30th of January was the best day of the whole experience. We had to make posters; my group had to make them for zoology. We really didn’t take the competition serious and we just had fun with it. We made a very colourful poster which represented exactly what zoology is about; the poster was covered in animals and fun things, we really took the colours we used into consideration.

In the whole week I learned a lot of new and interesting information about so many different things like plants, about the sea urchins and also what college life is like. I am really happy that I got the chance to come and experience this and make new friends.

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