TY2014: Rain, Rain….

Bridge UCC Collection

Milo Moran, Colaiste Daibheid, Sawmill St, Cork

Our week at the School of BEES here at UCC has been enjoyable, and very interesting, even if it wasn’t exactly life changing.  We all learned what it is like to study here and we looked at all the degrees that you can get through the School of BEES.  We sat in on lectures, did practicals, and generally got a good idea of what life is like as a student, through tours of the UCC campus and the Boole library.

None of us really knew what to expect here but we were surprised with the variety of our work, like interacting with actual wildlife while bird ringing and experimenting with sea urchins, to listening to geology and plant science lectures, really getting into and discussing the subject material between our groups.

We all got along quite well within our own groups, and mixed with the other group as well. There was a great atmosphere around the place, and we all got to know each other. The hour long lunch breaks were a really good way to break up the timetable of lectures and practicals.

We were plagued incessantly by downpours of rain and the odd hail shower, which really did interrupt us as we moved from the BEES to the main campus, so if I was to make a recommendation I might try to move the dates, though as we all know you can’t pick and change with the weather!

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