TY2014: Work Experience at BEES

Ciaran Crowley, Colaiste Spioraid Naomh, Cork

Boole Library

The work experience here was a great experience for me. It gave me a great insight into what work is like in the area that the BEES courses cover.

On the first day we got a tour of the area around the Cooperage and the Butler Building and received a talk about what goes on around the area. We examined insects which were caught in pitfall traps and looked at them under a microscope. We also received a talk about geology.

For me that was the highlight of the week

On the Tuesday we went examining sea urchins and learned about what their life consists of  we also got a sea urchin of our own which we did an experiment on. After that we went tagging birds. We caught 7 finches and tagged them. For me that was the highlight of the week. Then we went for a lecture about plants and learned some interesting facts we also received a talk from Barabara Doyle who just came back from Ecuador and told us about how science can make life easier for the poor farmers.

On Wednesday we went on a campus tour and went into the Boole library where we saw books which were almost 600 years old. We did an experiment on soil to find out which compost  either:

  • Rich topsoil
  • Clay soil
  • 50:50 clay/topsoil.

On Thursday we went to the Eureka Centre where we learned about some interesting science about the human body and did some fun experiments. Then we did an interactive careers class where we chose a topic in BEES researched it for an hour and wrote a project about it and made a poster and did a presentation.

On Friday I learned about the importance of informing the public about science and I wrote this essay for the blog and talked about the rest of the week.


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