TY2014: The BEES Experience

Caoimhe Ní Choileáin, Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne, An Daingean

UCC Campus, 2011

From the 27th to the 31st of January I spent a week of work experience at the school of BEES Transition Year Work Experience Programme. I  really enjoy biology at school so I found the week very interesting.

On the first day we were given a geology lecture and we also joined a class who were working on a geology fossil practical. My favourite part of the day was when we went outside and  inspected pitfall traps that had been placed in the ground the night before . We brought the traps inside where we examined the contents under a microscope. I really enjoyed being able to see the features of small bugs and insects up closely. We were helped identify the creatures we got by Dr . Simon Harrison.

The next day started out with bird ringing , we caught birds in nets and carefully ringed them . We then moved onto Zoology where we did an experiment with sea urchins. I was surprised to learn how interesting plants could be after an exciting lecture with Prof .Peter Jones, who was very passionate about his subject.

During the week we also experienced the UCC Campus. It was my first time in and around the College.  I loved the tour of the Boole library we got, where we saw all the facilities available to students. We visited the special collection and archives section. As well as that we toured the history surrounding the university. We visited the Eureka Centre where we carried out simple but fun experiments.

We were given informative talks on ecology, radio tracking, careers and courses available, environmental science and science in the media.I’m really happy that I took part in the course , I learned many new and intriguing science facts and got to experience life at UCC. I also met a great group of people. A big thanks to Grace and all the people who helped out over the week.

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