Maebh Ni Thuama, Colaiste Muire Crosshaven.


Looking back on what I did during my week at BEES, I think the things I most fondly remember are:

  • the birds we tagged and melodramatically released back into the wild
  • the library safari to see students in their natural habitat
  • and Archie the Sea Urchin (later renamed Urchie the Sea Archen), who chose seaweed over a fluffy pink towel in an experiment (not a choice I agree with, but whatever).

Another thing that I enjoyed was playing Hunt the Absolutely Tiny Piece of Tracking Equipment in a Very Large Outdoor Area, which could have gone terribly, terribly wrong, but thankfully didn’t. We eventually managed to find the tag with our radio tracker, but it took us so much longer than the other team that we were starting to believe it had gotten up and wandered off to seek its fortune elsewhere.

What I’ve learned over the course of this week is that you can attain some very bizarre life skills during a week at BEES, such as how to properly hold a small bird, safely detach a sea urchin from the wall of its tank and lose a piece of very expensive equipment for almost an hour without also losing hope.

Essentially, it’s not an experience you’re going to get anywhere else and this is why BEES is weird in the best possible way.


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