TY2014: A Great Experience

Laura McCarthy, St Angelas College.

Photograph by Tomas Tyner,UCC.

On Monday the 27th of January, a group of four girls including myself from St Angela’s College came to the BEES transition year course. Along with other transition year students from Ireland. The week was full of interesting activities, including the following areas I found of most interest to me: Zoology, the growth of plants, the ringing of birds and  the life animals.

Throughout the week we went to daily lectures and did numerous interesting and fun practicals in the highly equipped labs. We met very interesting and willing scientists with lots of facts and information for us and there to give us any information we may have been looking for.

My favourite part of the weeks activities was the guided tour of the UCC Boole Library and the UCC campus. When we went to the Boole Library the Librarian kindly gave us a very detailed tour and set out some of the oldest books in Cork, which was of great interest to everyone there. We were also shown around the the highly equipped  library which has many different areas and can fit a huge capacity of students. The Library has over one million books on many topic or whatever vast information that you may be looking for. Students at UCC have no shortage of learning sources here with all their vast facilities, and kind and helpful staff.

After our hour long tour of the library we then got a tour of the UCC campus from one of the mature students. She gave us every piece of helpful information, facts and all the history of the College. We saw some magnificent buildings with architecture second to none. The buildings that really stuck out for me was the beautiful church on the main campus its amazing glass windows and  high ceilings really caught many peoples eye.

Also all the old buildings on the campus really were something special. The last place we went to on the tour was Crawford  Observatory -a great tourist and historic attraction. Inside this building includes a huge telescope that was used a lot many, many years ago a magnificent piece of work.

I really enjoyed my week here in the BEES TY course, I learned a lot in my week and also was involved in a lot of practicals which made the week more interesting. I would highly recommend this course to transition years for next year it was really second to none. I am very grateful for my week here in UCC it was truly a great experience.


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