TY2014: ‘I now know that I want to do zoology’

Amy Benaim, St. Aloysius College, Carrigtwohill

Mairead kiely

It furthered my interest in science, particularly natural sciences and helped me to decide what I would genuinely be interested in.

The BEES TY2014 course run at UCC was great. It really aimed to encourage us to take an interest in science and to just show us that science isn’t as boring as it seems in the Junior Cert.

One of the things that I loved was that all the lecturers genuinely enjoyed their topic and they loved teaching it.  I thought this made it far more interesting for me. They even made me enjoy the lecture on plant science due to the fact that the professor thoroughly enjoyed the subject and, though he understood that most people wouldn’t think plant science an enjoyable subject, he still made it as interesting as possible.

One of my favourite parts of the course was all the stuff we were able to do that we would probably never do outside of BEES such as radio tracking and bird ringing. It made the week very memorable, as in where else would we be able to catch and ring bird or use proper equipment to track hidden GPS trackers?

But what I thought really made the whole thing worthwhile was the people. All the people we met were very nice and interested in us and what we thought about their subject or the course or the School of BEES  in general. You could see that their main goal was to make science enjoyable for us and it worked! I now know that I want to do Zoology after a lecture from Prof. Gavin Burnell who found a way to make even sea urchins interesting.

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