Algarve day 7- Project work By: Katie O’Donovan

Alg4So after six long days of work I’m about to set off on my final day in the Algarve, a total scorcher much to my delight. Today is the second day of our project work. The previous day was spent setting plots in the three different habitats (grassland, woodland and matas) in our project site, which was just a short stroll from the hotel.

The day was spent with each group collecting each of the invertebrates in their respective plots. We used different capturing techniques like sweep netting, pooting, soil searching and bashing to ensure, excuse the phrase no rock was left unturned in our search for invertebrates. After all our data and weather conditions was collected, we returned to the hotel for a much deserved dip in the pool before meeting with Fildelma to get names for all the invertebrates collected.

Alg5I was extremely lucky to have the privilege of doing my project work under the wise and watchful eyes of Prof. Matthijs Schouten and Dr. Monqiue Nooren.  Before we went to Portugal Gavin said it would be hard for Matty and Monique to be able to name all the plants down to their at least species name. Unfortunately for them we are a very inquisitive class and managed to find a plant they were not able to name. As they left us with our mountain of work, we left them scratching their heads and some research work of their own to do.


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