TY2015: A ‘fantastic week’ at BEES

Juliette Hennessy, Glanmire Community College Cork


As part of 4th year work experience I was accepted to take part in the BEES 4th year course. I was especially looking forward to the experience as I strongly believed I wanted to study zoology in the future to pursue a career in animal welfare and rehabilitation in endangered animals in Australia. This had always been a dream of mine since I have lots of family living in Australia and I also have an Australian passport. This week here at BEES made me realise what amazing resources this school has for people who wish to follow careers in the environmental or zoology disciplines.

Overall I had a fantastic week

The week started off with an introduction to the course where Emily Goldenstein welcomed us all and briefly explained to us what we would be doing throughout the week and where our lectures would be held. We were also given stationary and a timetable to help us make our way round the school. The day then continued with a Marine Biology lecture and two practical’s on terrestrial Ecology and mammals. I also really enjoyed that as it gave us an insight into what students of BEES school lives are like in the Q&A and in the campus and library tour of UCC. We had many interesting lectures throughout the week on birds, plants, careers, media and experiences the programme offers abroad .

Overall I had a fantastic week and would recommend it to anyone who is unsure of what they would like to do in the future or those who are interested in zoology, plant, environmental science and geology.

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