TY2015: My week in ecology

Isabel Tyndall, Blackwater Community School


I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up. I’m not going to talk about everything I’ve done here this past week because I could go on for ages but I will highlight the parts I found especially interesting.

The first thing I really enjoyed was the geology lecture. I know to lots of people that geology sounds painfully dull but I’ve been interested in this topic since I was quite young. We got the lecture from Prof. Andy Wheeler who started off by showing us a slideshow of the different parts of geology and his particular field. He then took us outside to the front of the Butler Building and showed us all the rocks on display. He took us round to each individual rock and told us about it, how old it was, what it’s made from, how it was formed, etc. I loved how each rock had its own story.

My second favourite part was the interactive careers talk. They split us up into little groups and did separate things with us. The group I was in was taken outside by a post grad here at UCC. He explained to us how important it is for us to have an idea of the population of different species in our area, be it grass, trees or animals. He then showed us how to catch little animals in the wild. We gathered some previously laid traps and opened them to find 3 little wood mice. He explained to us how he marks them so if he catches them again he knows he had already done it.

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