TY2015: A “Honey” sweet experience

b11111Michael O Doherty, Christian Brothers College Cork

I have spent the last week at the UCC Bees transition year program learning about the various courses and topics I can go on to study after I complete my leaving cert in 2017. I have been in many lectures and practicals and got a really good idea of what each topic was about. One of my favourite lectures was about bird behaviour given by Barry O Mahony. In the lecture we learned about how birds each have their own unique personalities and how their personality influences their behaviour in the wild. We also learned about bird intelligence and I was very surprised to learn how much smarter birds are than I ever imagined.

There was one other lecture I enjoyed and that was the current science topic lecture given by Dr Emily Goldstein and Tad Kirakowski. In this lecture we learned about invasive species and their effect on a ecosystem. We looked at one particular case on an island in the south pacific where rats and rabbits where introduced by a man and were having a profound effect on the ecosystem. I found it very interesting as I could never understand how something as harmless looking as a rat or rabbit could be so destructive yet after looking into it more it made sense how they disrupted the whole ecosystem.

Overall I really enjoyed my week on the school of bees TY programme and it has really helped me in deciding what careers I would consider in my future.

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