TY2015: My week in BEES


Charley Breen, Carrigaline Community School

For me, I did not take part in the school of BEES TY programme for the work experience but for the chance to learn about science in a different way and from scientists who are specialists in their field and who have researched and studied a topic of science for many years.

I really enjoyed the week and learned a lot.  My favourite learning experience from the week was the lecture and practical we had on biotechnology. I learned about how scientists changed the genes of different plants and food to make it better or to give it an added feature so that it can solve some of countries biggest problems. For example scientists are working on adding a gene that carries the components that glow in the dark to the genes that make up a tree, the idea is that these trees will then be planted along motorways so that when they grow big enough they will light up the motorway in the dark which will make it safer for drivers  need  nothing to power it and will produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide – Helping the environment all while decorating our motorways in beautiful greenery.

I also loved the lecture that we had on birds  we learned how smart they really are and how birds have thought of new food sources for them selves and how they have adapted to there environments such as some birds dropping mussels from the ocean on road so that the cars would roll over them and open them so they can eat the fish inside.

All of them delivered each of there lessons with extreme excitement and happiness

Of course I am slightly biased to say that this week was brilliant because I am very interested in science but what initially amazed me was not the science and amazing discoveries I got to learn about it was the passion and excitement of every lecturer who came to speak to us, every single one of them was at least five minutes early for our lesson and had clearly put a huge amount of time and effort into what they were going to say and teach us in the lesson. All of them delivered each of there lessons with extreme excitement and happiness, as each described the field they had studied and researched they spoke about and delivered what clearly was their passion in science and even if you weren’t interested in that specific science subject they made you want to be interested in it.

I was very overwhelmed by the teachers and students who loved what they did so much and for me not including the information I got to learn about, this week has pushed me to find a career that I can be that passionate about and it has thought me that science is not just about inventing things to help  people or things that make our lives easier its also about looking at all the amazing phenomenons of nature so that life in all forms is possible.


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