TY2015: Geology impresses


James Barry, Kinsale Community School County Cork

The part which I enjoyed the most about the BEES transition year programme was the Geology lecture given by Prof. Andy Wheeler and the geology practical given by Dr. Bettie Higgs. In the geology lecture we were taught about plate tectonics and we were then taken to see the BEES rock viewing garden at which we saw rocks from millions of years ago. We were taught about how they formed, where they came from, some of their uses and how different minerals and crystals formed on the rocks. For example we learned how one of the rocks which contained lithium can be used in the making of mobile phones.

The geology practical was different to other activities we had done during the week. Ten different geology artefacts were displayed. We were given a geographical time scale which would help us identify what timescale we were looking at based on the different samples and sheet of questions based on the samples. Then we split into teams and set off looking at all the samples and answering the questions. I enjoyed looking at the samples and answering the questions. Some of the questions included how old you taught the sample was, whether you taught the sample was a plant or animal and identifying rocks and fossils to work out what elements were in them or identifying certain features.

I really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about participating in the BEES Programme to do so.

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