TY2015: The BEES knees


Isabel Auld, Newtown School Waterford

This week at UCC’s School of BEES was a real eye-opener for me in terms of college level science. Once I saw the time table and what was planned for us I couldn’t wait to get started. Throughout the week we were given lectures and practicals on basically all the topics covered in the school. It ranged from Marine Biology to Geology to Plant Science.

My favourite practicals of the week were the Mammal ID on Monday, and the Plant Science practical on Tuesday. With the ID Practical we were given various mammal hairs and had to make an imprint of them into gelatine on a slide. Once cooled we had to remove the hair and examine the pattern it left in the gelatine. From examining it under a micro-scope we then had to identify the animal. This was a lot of fun to learn about and carry out.

had to stop a few times to catch his breath because he was ‘’getting too excited talking about all the plants’’

What I loved was how enthusiastic the lecturers were when giving their lecture. The fact that they were so passionate about the subject really made you want to listen even if you weren’t interested in the topic! My favourite lecture was by Prof. Peter Jones who was so full of energy and had to stop a few times to catch his breath because he was ‘’getting too excited talking about all the plants’’. I have now learned there is so much more to plants than what you think!

What I loved was that they let us do hands on practical things instead of just making us sit in a room for hours and listen to lecturers! I can now say that I would like to study Zoology after BEES gave me a great insight into the all the possibilities I could pursue after my degree. Overall it was a fantastic week and I would really recommend it for any science loving TY student!!




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