TY2015: A Week in Bees.

Clodagh Brackett, Christ King Secondary School


I started off the week not knowing much about what course I wanted to do in college. All I knew is that I would love to do something with science but by the end of week I have narrowed down my choices to just a few.

On Monday morning we started off the week by and induction and welcome by Emily. Throughout the week we got to have lectures and practicals on a variety of different courses.

Both the lectures and the practicals were interesting with a few sticking out as being my favourite. My favourites would have to be the plant science practical and lecture and the ecology practical and lecture.

During the week we also had the opportunity to get a tour of the UCC library and campus, I found this enjoyable as I learned a lot of facts about the history of UCC.

Another activity in which we took part in was a question and answer session with current fourth year science students in UCC, I found this beneficial as I had insight to what being a UCC student is really like.

This week has been a great experience for me as I now know what type of science courses I am interested in for when it comes to filling out my CAO application, I have also made some great friends through this programme. I would like to thank all those involved in the programme especially Emily for organising such a great enjoyable week.

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