TY2015: Biological studies

Adam Holland, Hamilton High School Bandon Cork


This week I attended the BEES course in UCC as a part of the transition year curriculum in my school. The idea of this week I believe was for me to have an understanding of the topics covered in this department which I believe were fulfilled. I also believe it was for me to grasp an understanding of what I like and do not like.

On the first day I met Emily a student of the school, she brought me to the room where I along with about forty other students were going to be given our introduction. We were then given a tour of the facilities that the school of BEES provides plus so as to ensure we do not get lost in the latter part of the week.

Throughout the week we listened through lectures and practical’s attempting to grasp an understanding of the following topics: geology, ecology, marine biology, zoology and so on.

I entered this week focusing my attention to the zoology related information but realised that there is a lot more to biology then meets the eye and that we take it all for granted. And by the time I reached the end of the week I discovered that my interest overlapped on the majority of the topics and that zoology was in fact not that interesting.

Away from all the science stuff I met some great people who I hope to cross paths with in the near future. I would like to thank all those professors and Emily and extended staff for a great week and I hope it becomes a huge success which I believe it will

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