Algarve Field Trip- Day2- Monchique Trip

by David Murphy


We set off at 9, bright eyed and bushy tailed. We made our way towards the Monchique mountain. We took many stops as we travelled up the mountain whilst receiving talks on the culture and development of the Algarve and how it has changed since the Neolithic  to the present day.

At our first stop we were introduced to the semi-natural agriculture landscape that was once common throughout the Algarve. Our next stop led to the exploration in the bacaral zone. On this stop we discovered snakes, lizards, salamanders and plenty of insect and plant species. At our next stop we discovered even more animals, including scorpions (see picture) and giant centipedes in the serra zone. We then stopped once more at the top of the Monchique mountain to search for the only species of tree frog, which was unfortunate as we didn’t discover one even though we could hear them taunting us! We even got into the pond in search but no luck.

All in all it was a very interesting and exciting day with plenty of animal and plant species being discovered at every stop.

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