TY2015: A new take on GM Plants

Séamas Bulaeir, Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh


‘Theres nothing you can’t do, when you’re dealing with plant!!!’

I was a student at the BEES Transition Year course in 2015. When I first arrived I had a general idea of Environmental Science. I’ve completed projects in different elements of biology, but I had always struggled to see the relevance in this work. During my week in BEES, I learnt much about nature and Biology, but more significantly for me, I recieved a massive insight into the world of GM Foods. Before attending BEES, I had heard all the ghost stories about GM Foods, how they can only benefit the manufacturer, that GM food is full of dirty toxants and that ‘super-weeds’ and ‘super-animals’ would be created, using GM foods and crops. BEES gave me an invaluable insight into how GM foods can be a health benefit, can withstand tougher conditions than organic plants, and will probably be the solution to world hunger in the future. I have realised that these GM plants and foods, will be to the benefit of society across the world. Families in the poorest areas in the world, will now be able to plant they’re own food, generate an income, and give their children an education.

As of yet, I don’t know what 3rd level course is for me, but science will definitely be on the forefront of my mind, particularly the degree in Applied Plant Biology in UCC. This course has completely changed my opinions of GM, and has provided me with new options and opinions for my future.

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