TY2015: A week to remember at UCC

Ryan , Midleton CBS


I just spent a week in UCC with the TY BEES programme. The School of Bees in UCC covers all aspects of environmental science, From Zoology to Ecology to Geology.

The first day we came in, we met with Emily and the rest of the group. We then had a talk with Sarah Culloty the head of the School of BEES. We then had a Geoscience lecture, Terrestrial Ecology Practical and a Mammal ID Practical.

The second day we had a Q&A with 4th year students in BEES so we could ask all our questions and find out about the college itself. We also had a Zoology lecture and a Marine biology lecture as well as a Plant Science practical.

The third day we had a Postgrad research workshop, where Post grads explained what they do in their field of work. We also had a plant science lecture and a tour of the whole campus.

The next day we were Bird ringing which involved catching birds and putting some sort of Identification on them so people could examine where they go and what they do. We then had an interactive careers talk where we split up into different groups and had to answer questions about certain types of courses, like, what jobs you can get or what course you can convert to if you change your mind.

The last day (Today) , we had an environmental science lecture which talked about problems with pollution and ways we can stop it, and what you can do with an environmental science degree, and of course , writing this.

It was a savage week to be fair, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do anything environment related to try it, it’s really helpful in understand what you can do and what it’s like to study these courses.



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