TY2015: An exciting week at BEES

Robert Pim, Newtown School Waterford


The TY BEES course in UCC has been one of many highlights of my Transition Year. From making new friends, to holding birds and mice, to meeting all the interesting people in the BEES school.

A high point of the week was Plant Science with Peter Jones on the Wednesday. I found the lecture very motivating, captivating. Peter had given me a very good taste of Plant Science. He gave me a sense of direction, because before I was unsure which part of the BEES was for me. Plant Science was not however the only part of the week to spark my interest. I knew before I came what I was interested in, and I’m leaving in the safe knowledge that I know where to go with my interests.

Another feature of the BEES TY week that liked was the Lecture on International Science. I love to travel, and so found this talk relevant to how I would like to spend my time in UCC. The stories that Dr. Ilse Corkery told us about the places she had been, such as Ecuador and New Zealand were fascinating. The presentation and talk were vivid and got you very excited and nerdy about flora and fauna.

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