TY2015: My experience at BEES

Amy O’Driscoll, Mount Mercy College, Model Farm Road.


My week doing the BEES course in UCC has been very helpful, through giving me an insight into what the course entails. We were giving a taster into what the course is and what different module classes that could be selected by doing this course. The first day was an introduction to the programme. In that we were told what classes/modules we would have and we also got a guided tour of the North Mall Campus. On Wednesday we were given a guided tour of the Main Campus and the library.

I have learned different things from this programme such as what I would like to do and others that I wouldn’t have much of an interest in. For example, I found the Marine Biology Lecture with Dr. Ruth Ramsey very interesting and I definitely would consider doing in UCC when I leave secondary school. Personally another lecture I found very interesting was the zoology Lecture with Professor Gavin Burnell. I liked this because I do have an interest in learning about different animals and how they interact with the environment and others around them.

One that maybe I didn’t have that much of an interest in but certainly still enjoyed was Geology, as I didn’t really like learning Geography in school and I found that a lot of it had to do with Geography. I wasn’t really able to understand and get my head around certain things about the Rocks of how they could be so old. Also I found the questions and answers with the 4th years very helpful as they gave a detailed description of what some of the different courses entailed.

Overall, I had a very good experience during me time in the BEES programme. A really enjoyable course and also very helpful.



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