TY2015: My week as a scientist

Kate Grealish, Coláiste Iognáid, Galway.


My experience began on the first Monday of February. I was staying with my Aunt; and Cork was unfamiliar to me. I had no idea what would be facing me in room G13. I very quickly discovered. The week seems to have whizzed by in a blur of engaging lectures, exciting practicals and completely new experiences. Soon enough, UCC felt like my new home and I had made connections that would forever stay with me.

One thing I liked about the week was that every single day was completely different: nothing was ever ‘been there done that’. I constantly felt as if I was expanding my knowledge. I suppose that’s what you want from a Science TY course, isn’t it? When I came to BEES I was hoping for a course that introduced me to the fantastic world of Biological Sciences and would give me a sense of what it would be like to study them, and that’s exactly what I found!

I think my favourite part of the week was either the Terrestrial Ecology Practical, or the Bird Ringing. The Terrestrial Ecology Practical was what I thought, very relevant to today’s world and importing. It gave me an insight into the impact non-native species can make on a habitat. I was very interested into the effects of the Japanese knot-weed and of the uncertain damage land hoppers could be doing to their neighbours. Bird ringing was exactly what I had hoped it would be; a chance to see bird’s first hand and examine their anatomy before setting them free. I think what made both those practicals enjoying was the fact that they were both very physical and gave us TYs a chance to actually do ‘something’

Finally, I thought that it really helped me get an insight into the different courses and how they are all somehow related to one another. It made me feel as if I could do zoology and somehow branch off into environmental sciences for example; that may not seem directly related, but connected invisibly. Without BEES TY course, I don’t think I’d be in the position I am now; knowing so much about University life and really understanding the possibilities lying ahead for Science students of any type.


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