TY2015: My week at UCC

Zac O’S-H, Midleton College      

TYwk2aSMALLI have just finished my week of work experience in the school of Biological, Earth and Environmental sciences at UCC. It was a week that I used to perhaps learn about the courses I might want to study when I leave school in two years time. I also got to learn about subjects and courses that I did not know even existed before I came here for the week.

My favourite lecture this week was in Geology and Geosciences given by Professor Andy Wheeler. It was interesting to learn about what makes up the Earth’s core and identifying different rocks and fossils in a practical with Dr. Bettie Higgs. I had not known how exciting and interesting the earth’s core and the rocks that make it up could be.

I also enjoyed learning about invasive species with Dr. Simon Harris and then watching a video about other invasive species and discussing their impacts on the native animals and plants of Macquarie Island and island mid-way between the southern tip of New Zealand and Antarctica. These invasive species were mice and rabbits which I hadn’t known could cause such problems for local wildlife as they always looked so cute and fluffy.

I was also lucky enough to get a tour of the UCC campus and the Boole Library which were both incredibly interesting and really, really big. I found this week very interesting and would advise any future Transition Year students to apply for this course next year.


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