Ty2015: My week in BEES

Alexa Banaghan St. Mary’s Secondary School Nenagh Co. Tipperary


My whole week at BEES was a wonderful experience. I came here with a fixed idea that my only interest was in Zoology. Throughout the week my views changed each day. I became more fascinated in Plant Science, Ecology, Geology and Marine Biology. I never thought I would find rocks or plants interesting at all. All the students, coordinator and lecturers helped make this programme great fun. Everybody was extremely kind and helpful.

I enjoyed many of the lectures and practicals. The one that stood out to me a lot was the bird ringing. Bird ringing is when you catch a bird and put a small ring around its leg to keep track of it. You can also take note about what kind of bird you caught and what its wingspan is. I got the opportunity to hold a bird which was a first time experience for me. This practical just seemed very unique and interesting overall.

Even though I became more interested in Plant Science, Ecology, Geology, etc, I also became more interested in Zoology. Because of this I found the Mammal ID practical exciting. For this practical I was given three animal hairs and had to inspect it by using a microscope. Then I was given a key to help figure out what animals owned these hairs. I found this very different from experiments I have already done in school.

Not only the lectures and experiments were fascinating during the week. The tour of UCC campus and Boole Library was also impressive. The history of UCC was riveting and amusing.

This wonderful week has created life time memories and good friends and I am very thankful that I participated in it.

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